Mercury 13 Portable Magnifier Tablet & Distance Viewer


A versatile multitasking device that provides accurate magnification and converts printed text into clear, natural audio format for enhanced accessibility.  An all in one device - Magnifier, Windows laptop (when connected to a Bluetooth keyboard) and a CCTV for people with low vision.  An optional second monitor doubles screen space.


Product specifications

Lightweight Item 2.6kg/ 5.7 lbs
Dimensions Folded
Dimensions Unfolded

Screen Time 13' HD Screen
Camera HD Camera 20X Optical Zoom @ 60 Fps
Model Microsoft Surface Pro 9
Resolution 28001920p
Battery Life Powered by Microsoft Surface Pro 9, Up to 8 hours battery (Laptop Mode)
  • Live Magnification
  • Full Page Accurate recognition (OCR)
  • Multiple Contrast Color Schemes
  • Distance/Near Split screen capability
  • Menu & Reading capability in Multiple Languages
  • Natural Sounding Voices
  • Video Stabilization


Your Mercury Vision unit includes:

  • Laptop travel case
  • Mercury 13 tablet stand with Surface Pro 9 & Charger
  • Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Second Monitor (optional)
  • Distance camera (optional)