iZoom USB 3.0 Magnifier/Reader

Ever had to check your email or surf the web at a computer other than your own? At a hotel, library, school, co-workers or family members computer? Most professional screen magnifiers today offer a USB version, but all of them require administrative privileges to install some software before they can run. Odds are if you're using a public computer, you won't be granted installation rights. Moreover, a computer can be a very personal possession and others won't appreciate you installing software on it.

iZoom USB is Portable. We mean it! Attach it to your keychain and carry it with you wherever you go. Walk up to any Windows compatible computer and plug it in. Within a few seconds, it'll start up. It's that simple. No installation! No administrative rights needed! No License restrictions! It just works.  So the next time you get on a machine at your library, school, a friend's place, you can relax knowing that their machine isn't affected and you can use it as freely as you would your own.


We now offer insurance for your iZoom USB drive for up to 12 months from the date of purchase for $60. Should you lose or damage the USB drive, Issist guarantees replacement of your drive (S&H not included) if you purchase insurance of the iZoom USB drive. This insurance is only available at the time of purchase and will only cover 1 replacement per unit.