5.0″ LCD Handheld Video Magnifier



If you, a relative, friend or someone you know is struggling to read with an off-the-shelf optical magnifying glass, our CANDY GRIP can help. If you have Macular Degeneration or another low vision condition and you’re using a 4x or higher optical reading magnifier, CANDY GRIP is ideally designed for you to read more comfortably to retain your independence whether you’re at home, in a restaurant, in the department or grocery store or anywhere.

Use as a Handheld or Stand Magnifier

CANDY GRIP is the first, and currently the only, handheld (with handle) 5.0″ LCD HD video magnifier. Its unique, ergonomic 3-position handle is comfortably held in the center-balanced position, for right-handed or left-handed use.
Alternatively, use CANDY GRIP as a Stand magnifier. Just pull out either the 20mm or 40mm leg set and CANDY GRIP operates similar to an optical stand magnifier.  To view the display screen at a slight angle, pull out only one 40mm leg.

5.0″ Wide-Screen LCD HD Image 

CANDY GRIP’s 5.0 ” LCD screen size is the new standard for large screen, yet portable (weighing under 10 ounces) video magnifiers. CANDY GRIP’s large 5.0″ LCD display provides 4x greater field of view than a similar magnification optical magnifier, and the HD image quality provides a 3x higher resolution from the camera to the LCD. The additional screen display area and HD image quality allow it to be an ideal magnifier for low vision.

Continuous Digital Zoom Magnification

Choose a comfortable reading size from 2.8x to 22x. Continuous digital zoom magnification easily increases or decreases the size of the text, photo or object being viewed. CANDY GRIP doesn’t limit you to only 3 or 4 preset magnification choices as most other portable video magnifiers.

Center-position Camera 

It’s intuitive! The center-position camera makes it easy to know where you are reading. Large and conveniently located buttons are easy to find and press. All function buttons are located on or adjacent to the handle, including the Freeze Image button.

4.5 Hour Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Featuring 4.5 hours of battery use time on a full charge, CANDY GRIP has the longest lasting battery run time among the hand held video magnifiers. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery recharges within 3 hours with the included AC adapter.


Weighing less than 10 ounces, the CANDY GRIP is light enough to carry in your coat pocket or purse. You can read anything at anytime.



Technical Specifications

Model Number G500
Display 5.0” wide-screen LCD
Focus Auto focus HD camera, 20” depth-of-focus
Second Camera Image Unique Mirror View (Self View) Image
Magnification Digital zoom magnification 2.8x-22x.
In focus to 1.5x when held above the reading material or object
Handle Ergonomic 3-position handle
Color Modes 5 image modes
-Natural Color
-White letters on black background
-Black letters on white background
-Negative photo mode
-Yellow letters on black background
Freeze Image Unique Freeze Image button located on handle
Screen Brightness Three brightness levels
Beep Tones Beep Tones On/Off
Battery Built-in lithium battery, 4.5 hour battery run time,
3 hour battery recharge time
AC Adapter Included to recharge battery
Case Attractive protective carrying case
Size 5.7”L x 3.3”W x 0.7”H
Weight 9.9 ounces
Warranty 2 year parts and labor warranty
1 year warranty against battery failure