• 19” & 22" wide screen LCD
  • 3.5×~79 × magnification
  • 8 color display modes
  • Auto focus
  • Seek & find capability
  • Dual VGA connections
  • Travel case (optional)
  • Remote control pad (optional)
  • Additional functions with the control pad:
  • *Freeze frame
  • *Focus lock
  • *White balance
  • *Auto-Manual focus
  • *Line marker (interval adjustable )
  • *Left/right hand operation


Unique Features:

  • Attributing to the Aumed Anti-Blur™ technology, Aumax-LCD provides clear, smooth and bright images.
  • All-in-one machine for reading, writing, hand working and self-viewing etc.
  • With white balance function, interference of ambient light is minimized.
  • When connected to a digital projector or PC, Aumax-LCD is able to satisfy both personal and business requirements.
  • Ideal for mobile applications with optional travel case due to the solid design.
  • The Dual control panels on the top & bottom of the camera make it easy to operate for either the left or right handed users.