IBIS HD - easily accessible


IBIS HD is a small and light portable magnifier. Its image quality is supremely sharp and operation is user-friendly and space-saving. The buttons are placed on the back of the camera, making the system smooth and intuitive to use, and you can get started right away.

IBIS HD uses digital signals all the way from the camera to the monitor, giving you a sharp image even at low magnification. You get a fabulous overview of what you are looking at, which makes it easy to survey a long text or a large drawing.

You can connect it to your HD PC monitor or your HD TV. You do not depend on a specific monitor, and you save both space and money.

When you have finished, you can fold IBIS HD and put it in the bag that goes with it. It is easy to bring it with you to work or school or when you are travelling.

"Unfold it, put the plug in the socket, connect it to an HD monitor and you are ready to go in full HD quality
- easy to use, easy to transport and easy to see."
















Product features

Magnification: 2 to 40x on 19" Monitor
Weight: 3.3 lbs
Automatic focus: Yes
Full color: Yes
White balance adjustment: Yes
Enhanced colors: Yes
X/Y table: Optional
Camera resolution: HD720p 1280x720 - 60Hz
Recommended monitor format: Widescreen (HD PC or HD TV)
Monitor output: DVI / HDMI
Screen size: Optional
Power consumption: 15W
Total power consumption: 55W incl. monitor
Standby consumption: 1.6W